Kindergarten Math Lesson Plan – Count to 20 with Penguins

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Easy math printable for preschool
Math-lesson plan for kindergarten - counting from 1 to 20
Counting to 20 for kindergarten lesson plan with printable
Counting to 20 lesson plan printable

Lesson plan created by –

Alfred Lewis

Lesson Title Lesson 2 – Count in Order to 20

“Count to 100 by ones and by tens.”

Materials Needed Printable – 20 Penguins

Printable – Numbers 1-20 on Squares


Glue Stick

Teacher Directions ·       Practice writing and saying each number to 20.

·       Have a copy of the numbers 1-20 from the printable and ask students to take turns putting one in ascending order on the board or a chart.

·       Review the order from 1-20

·       Have students cut out the numbers from the printable “Numbers 1-20 on Squares”

·       Model for students the process of finding the “1” square and gluing it under the first penguin.

·       Have students arrange the next five – ten numbers without gluing them.

·       Ask students to raise their hand when they are ready for you to check their progress.

·       After you monitor accuracy, give permission to glue the set.

·       Repeat this step until all 20 numbers are correctly glued in order.

Guiding Questions “How do we order numbers?”

“What is the first number?”

“Which number comes first, 4 or 10?”

“How do we count to twenty?”

Assessment Monitor student work on printable