The Story of Creation

God made absolutely everything.

To begin with everything was dark, there was no earth or sun, or sea or sky, no animals or people. Everything was just dark and watery and quiet.

But then God spoke and just by speaking he made light. Beautiful, bright shining light! The light was completely different to the darkness. God kept the dark and the light separate and called the darkness night and the light day. The day and the night are good.

Then God made the sky, the sky was above all of the water and was separate and different from it. The sky was made of air, that we use to breathe. This is good.

God made seas; some small warm seas with gentle waves, some vast, deep oceans, some icy seas with big storms and crashing waves. Then he made land with jungles, and deserts and mountains and swamps and all the different grasses and bushes and plants that grow on the earth. All of the fruits we eat, all of the plants we use in medicine, and all of the beautiful flowers we give to people we love. God made all of these and they are good.

Then the Sun was made; a bright burning ball with golden light and warmth that we see in the day. The sun which gives us beautiful sunsets, painting the sky orange and pink and purple and red, and helps plants to grow and our bodies to work well. God made this. God made the moon too, a cool silvery light, reflecting the sun to give us a little light at night time. Then there were stars, tiny little lights in the night sky that twinkle like diamonds and make shapes in the sky like maps to show us the way. God made these and they are good.

God made all of these and they are good!

Now that the earth was set up well with day and night, and sea and land God created fish and creatures to live in the seas. From tiny krill to massive whales, lobsters, crabs and narwhals with majestic horns. Beautiful dolphins that play in the waves and jump and flip, God made them. Wriggly eels, swooping rays and all kinds of fish; clown fish, angel fish, sun fish, swordfish, lionfish, catfish, dogfish, rainbowfish and all the rest! God made them and they are good.

God made all kinds of birds, from tiny little humming birds to mighty eagles. Puffins, pelicans, peacocks and parrots. Ostrich, owl, and guineafowl. God made these and they are good.

Then God made all of the animals that live on land. Animals that leap, creep, skitter, flitter, slither and stamp across the land. Beetles, bees, slugs and bugs. Mice, rabbits, cats and bats. Sheep, horses dogs and frogs. Tigers, spiders, rhino, buffalo. God made all of these and they are good.

God made humans, taking the dust from the earth to show that we are like the earth and part of it, and his own breath to show that we are like him. God made us, and we are good.

God told the humans that it was really important for them to look after everything he had made; the earth, the sea, the sky, the land, all of the plants and fish and birds and animals, and themselves too.

After God had made everything he rested. God taught that it was important to rest; to take time out to remember that our world is good and made by him.

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